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2) How do I sell my annuity or structured settlement?

If you have an annuity or structured settlement and are interested in selling your future payments in exchange for a lump sum payment, there is an entire market full of companies that are seeking to do business with you. However, there are a few different points you should consider before selling, including researching the reputation of the company and, of course, evaluating the quote they present you with.

3) How do I find the best annuity buyer?

When you perform an online search you will undoubtedly come across dozens, if not hundreds, of potential buyers. So, it’s vital that you look at customer reviews and other sources such as the Better Business Bureau to learn about the company’s reputation. Other relevant factors you should consider are:

    • Whether the company can be easily contacted and whether the customer service representatives are cooperative and easy to deal with.
    • Whether their offer is fair and competitive in the current market.
    • Whether their representatives clearly explain the timeline and available payment options.
  • Whether they are properly licensed and are in compliance with applicable laws.

And, as with most other transactions, be sure to shop around for a variety of quotes. Sometimes the company giving you the best quote won’t necessarily have the best reputation. So, it’s important to balance all these factors against each other before making a final decision.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the available choices, you may consider retaining the services of a broker. Their job is to help you sell your annuity at the best possible price. However, before you hire a broker, be sure to discuss and clearly understand their brokerage fee structure and ensure that they are certified and properly licensed.

4) How do I know if I’m getting a fair price for my annuity?

There are many different things that buyers will look at before giving you a quote. These factors can include:

    • The number of payments you are seeking to sell.
    • The amount of money in your annuity.
    • Your annuity payment schedule.
    • The current state of the market.
    • Rating of the insurance company that issued your annuity.
  • If any fees or other charges will be owed if the annuity is transferred.

After you shop around for a number of quotes, you will get a sense of what you can expect to receive for your annuity or structured settlement in the current market.

5) Is the annuities market regulated?

Yes. All fixed and variable annuities are subject to stringent state insurance laws since insurance companies are the entities that enter into annuity contracts with consumers. In addition, there are many laws that govern advertising rules regarding annuities.

Written by J. Johnson.

Last revised: May 19, 2019