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About Annuity Payment Freedom

We (“we”, “Annuity Payment Freedom” and “annuityfreedom.net”) endeavor to answer your (“you” and “visitors”) questions and provide visibility about how and why we do what we do.

What we do

We provide free, publicly accessible, financial information. We earn money if a visitor contacts us to sell annuity payments rights and completes such a transaction.


The founder and CEO of AnnuityFreedom.net is Jovan A. Johnson, Esq.

Our Goal

Provide the best website and experience that we can for our visitors. This includes five areas by which we organize our work:

  • creating a site experience that is easily navigable,
  • publishing accurate, thorough, and digestible content, 
  • create resources that help people,
  • answering questions that we anticipate our visitors may have, and
  • providing great service for those who contact us and elect to engage us when selling their annuity payment rights.


We endeavor to earn your trust. We believe that providing content and resources upon which people can rely requires that we inspire trust.


We endeavor to provide transparency.  In trying to be introspective regarding Our Goal of providing the best website and experience that we can for our visitors, we hope and believe that we can build trust, in part, by explaining why we do what we do. This will encourage us to hold ourselves to an even higher standard than we already do.


We endeavor to understand our limitations and act accordingly. Our primary known–unknown is that we do not know you or your circumstances. Decision making is not universal. We appreciate and respect this. While information accuracy on annuities, resources, and other topics,  is extremely important to us, the facts of your circumstances may change the analysis we provide.

Please understand that our services DO NOT include financial planning, tax planning, or legal services. We DO NOT offer such services. Please DO NOT attempt to rely on us or our site for such services.

Links Out

We at AnnuityFreedom.net understand that there are many websites that with valuable content and resources on topics related to those that we discuss. We regularly links to 3rd party sites. With few exceptions, AnnuityFreedom.net does not control or influence the operation of such 3rd party sites. 


Feedback is a powerful tool for improving. We welcome feedback. If you believe we can do better, please share. If we made a mistake, please share so we can correct it.

People and Inclusion

We believe in people. We believe in treating people fairly. We strive to treat everyone fairly and with respect, regardless of their gender (identification), sexual preference, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, or size. We believe in both inclusivity and justice for all. We believe our society would be a better place if everyone was able to spend time to think critically about this and shape their behavior accordingly. We understand that we all have biases and we work to acknowledge, overcome, and grow beyond them.

Environmental Impact

We care about the environment and do what we can to minimize our carbon footprint. In our opinion, environmental conservation isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also good for people and business.


We try to sign documents electronically and use electronic billing whenever possible. We prefer electronic communication such as email over printed correspondence. We also seek to recycle paper we receive (including mail) rather than tossing it into the garbage. In terms of scheduling, we prefer to use electronic calendars and task management tools rather than paper calendars and organizers.

Waste Disposal

We always strive to separate trash into the appropriate recycling group: paper, plastic, glass, compost, and e-waste. We acknowledge that e-waste is particularly harmful for the environment and we take steps to dispose of it properly through a certified e-waste disposal service.


We seek to cultivate an office environment and use equipment and facilities that reduce power usage. For example, we try to use as much natural light as possible rather than artificial light, opt for compact fluorescent light over incandescent light, and make efforts to turn off surge protectors and other devices when they are not in use.


In terms of water usage, we try to ensure that faucets don’t run unnecessarily. We have also taken the initiative to use filtered water and reusable bottles rather than purchasing bottled water.