Selling An Annuity

Can I sell my annuity?

Yes. There are a few different options available when seeking to sell an annuity. The most common are: 1) entirety, 2) partial, and 3) lump sum. Learn more about selling your annuity

Taxes when selling your annuity

Considered about the repercussions of a sale? Learn more about tax implications from selling your annuity.  

Annuity Buyers

Trying to find someone to buy your annuity? We will walk you through considerations for finding a buyer and issuers whose annuity payment streams we may purchase.

What are the cons to selling an annuity?

There are some drawbacks to selling an annuity. For example, selling an annuity can incur a “surrender charge,” which can be as much as 10%. In addition, the seller won’t be able to collect any future payments from the annuity, which can be problematic in terms of retirement planning. Also, there are likely to be tax implications for selling your annuity.