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We Service Client First Funding Clients

Did you work with Client First Funding to sell structured settlement payment rights in exchange for cash upfront? Are you missing payments that you expected to receive or were promised by Client First? Contact us for help accessing your cash.

What are structured Settlements?

Structured settlements are tax-free payments made on a regular basis after a lawsuit is won or settled. Typical types of lawsuits that result in structured settlements include personal injury cases, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and workers compensation matters.

Client First is Out of Business

Client First Funding specialized in purchasing structured settlements and buying annuities across the United States. Unfortunately, Client First Settlement Funding LLC is closed and no longer in business. We service Client First clients. Please feel encouraged to contact us.

We do not know whether they will respond to any attempted client calls or messages.

Screenshot from below the fold on the home page of clientfirstfunding.com, Client First Settlement Funding's website. Includes a section with quotes from customers, Client First Funding background information, and why to work with them.
Screenshot captured from March 14, 2018 image of clientfirstfunding.com. Internet Archive.

Client First Funding Filed Bankruptcy

Client First Settlement Funding LLC filed for bankruptcy. See Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-18262-MAM, filed October 26, 2022. IF you completed a deal to sell settlement payment rights, this could impact your payment schedule.

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  • Glassdoor Reviews Read reviews from 45 employees
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