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Corebridge Financial (American General) Structured Settlements

American General Life Insurance Company is a Houston, TX financial services company that issues structured settlements. Structured settlement annuities provide future payments for injured people. These settlement products are available for personal injury, mass tort, and workers’ compensation cases, and cases ranging from a single claimant, including minors, to class actions. Payments are issued by structured settlement companies, according to settlement agreements, on behalf of defendants or their insurers.

What is Corebridge Financial?

Corebridge Financial, Inc. is the parent company of American General Life Insurance Company, which operates across the United States but not in New York, where The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York operates. Corebridge and Corebridge Financial are marketing names used by these companies.

How Do You Set Up a Structured Settlement With American General?

You can set up an American General structured settlement by working with one of their settlement broker-partners, including Summit Structured Settlements, Ringler Associates, and Logan Settlement Services.

Can You Sell Your AIG Structured Settlement?

Yes, you can sell the rights to your American General Life structured settlement annuity payments. Selling payment rights will result in your receiving less than the contracted value of your payments due to both the present value of your future payments as well as the costs and profit margin for the company that purchases your settlement payments. Contact us if you’d like a free quote for some or all of your payment rights by completing the form that appears on this page or calling us at (877) 547-3672.

Who Are AIG’s Settlement Annuity Competitors?

Corebridge Contact Information

Corebridge Financial
Email: ssrequest@corebridgefinancial.com
Phone: (800) 288-4088