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Berkshire Hathaway Structured Settlements

Berkshire Hathaway Group Structured Settlements (BHGSS) is an Omaha, Nebraska-financial services company that issues payments according to settlement agreements on behalf of defendants or their insurers in personal physical injury or workers’ compensation cases. Alternatively, payments may be issued by National Indemnity Company (“NICO”), BHGSS’ reinsurance company.

Taxes on Structured Settlement Payments

Payments that are based on physical injury, including wrongful death, and worker’s compensation are not normally taxable. Structured settlement payments that are based on other things are taxable. BHGSS will issue 1099 paperwork in the latter case. You can always contact them for clarification on the tax status of your settlement.

Can You Sell Your Berkshire Hathaway Structured Settlement?

Yes, you can sell rights to your Berkshire Hathaway structured settlement annuity payments. Selling payments will result in the rights holder receiving less money than that contracted payment amount because of factors like the time value of money, transaction fees, and profit margin.

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Who Are Berkshire Hathaway Group’s Competitors?

How Does Berkshire Hathaway Issue Payments?

Berkshire Hathaway Group pays structured settlement payment rights holders by check or electronic/direct deposit.

Berkshire Hathaway Group’s Contact Information

BHG Structured Settlements, Inc.
Suite 1400
1314 Douglas Street
Omaha, NE 68102

Phone: (402) 916-3100