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Artist Grant: Free Marketing Services

Photographer in colorful church.

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

About this Artist Grant 
The catalyst for our grants was seeing and hearing about the tremendous impact of COVID-19 on artists of all kinds. We want to dedicate some of our knowledge and time to help.  While this is a business website, we are trying to help other business owners with our grant program. In support of this goal, we have disabled our normal calls to action/contact forms on grant pages and replaced our normal header images. We do not want your money. We want to help you make more money.


Jovan has worked to optimize websites for large companies such as Shutterfly, Uber, and Stitch Fix. He has worked on not fewer than 220 websites in +50 business and service verticals in 5 countries. LinkedIn.

08/22 Update: Unfortunately there is no longer a cash component of this grant. Fortunately I have found a way to support more artists with marketing support more quickly.

Marketing Grant for Artists: Part 1

Driving organic traffic from Google and Bing can be a meaningful way to  grow sales for free. Given the economic pain being felt by so many artists due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to help you by providing a free SEO analysis and recommendations.

There is currently no cap on the number of possible marketing grant recipients per month. Grantees will be selected on a rolling basis. There is no application deadline.



  • have a live website.
  • are open to feedback and recommendations.
  • can access to your website editor or content management system to make site revisions. You’ll need to make the changes to your site.
  • have a Google account: you’ll request assistance via a Google Form.


  • IF you don’t already have both Google Analytics installed on your site and a verified Google Search Console account, get them.
    • Why Google Analytics (GA)?
      GA is a free tool that provides details regarding user behavior across your website. It allows you to review things ranging from the source of your traffic by category (e.g. search engine, social media platform, or referral site) to which pages receive the most traffic to the cities where your visitors are searching.
    • Why Google Search Console (GSC)?
      GSC is a free diagnostic tool through which you can find out whether your pages are included in Google’s index, how they’re performing, and whether your site has errors.

***Apply for Grant***

Please complete this Google Form. Applications are eligible for both grants.

Application Deadline: Rolling for marketing consideration.
Fee required: No. Never. Seriously.
Costs: No. There are no costs.

**Have a question about this grant?**

Email hello  [ at ]   @   annuityfreedom   [ dot]    net

Terms and Conditions

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an increase in your website traffic, orders, or sales. We cannot guarantee any outcome. 
  • We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time at our sole discretion.
  • Due to limited resources, we will not be able to accept everyone who applies.
  • Accordingly, we reserve the right to select the recipients of these services at our sole discretion.
  • We will NOT use your information to (try to) sell you anything.
  • We will NOT use your contact information to add you to a mailing list.
  • We will NOT share your information with any other entity.

April’s Grant Winner

Screen shot of film composer's Jonathan Galland web page header, including links to their
San Francisco’s Jonathan Galland composes music and edits music.

March’s Grant Winner

Screenshot of the home page of March's Artist Grant Winner
Cornell Freeney and the Las Vegas-based Unity Circus Project use circus arts as a tool to build communities and unite youth across varying backgrounds and identities. Want to learn more?

February’s Grant Winner

Photograph looking up at musician Lauren Anderson.
Nashville-based musician Lauren Anderson is the winner of February’s micro-grant. You can find Lauren’s music, including her most tracks, Keep On and I Wanna Dance With Somebody, on all platforms. Learn more about Lauren at Resources

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